Tuesday, February 23, 2016

May I introduce Persephone?

Issa's class has been studying Greek mythology, and yesterday was the culminating project. They got to choose a character from a myth and dress up. Issa chose Persephone:
The toga piece was easy! She also knew she needed one ribbon (since one was lost when she was kidnapped) and flowers in her hair since she was Demeter's daughter. (As a side note, she let me French braid her hair to tie the ribbon and flowers in; it was lovely and I wish she would let me do it more!) She also knew she needed a pomegranate since Persephone ate the seeds in Hades that trapped her there in fall and winter. Alas, pomegranates aren't really prevalent in February, so she had to settle for a cup of seeds.

She had so much fun! I think the highlight of her day was being captured in a bear hug upon arrival by her teacher, who was dressed as Hades. I love that she is in a classroom where there is still a sense of fun amidst the learning, and I sure do love this girl.

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