Friday, June 21, 2013

Check Me Out

Look at these:
Those are my feet. In running shoes. Because I'm running. It's a miracle.

I have been using RunKeeper, which is a free app that I love. It's for newbies like me, and it slowly ramps up. I've been at this for about two weeks now, and I'm up to a mile and half solid run, and I've lowered my time for a mile by nearly two minutes. I run every other day, and have picked yoga back up on the days in between.

I run at 5:30, when it is still cool and the sun is just coming up. That's the trick. I have come to love the quiet time by myself, listening to my music and watching the sunrise while I run. I do not love the last hill coming back to the house--it's killer. I do feel great, though, and I finally get the mystical runner's high. This morning, I came across five deer and four bunnies on my run. Is there really any better way to start a day?

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