Thursday, June 13, 2013

Office Mates

I had some new office mates at work this week.
Meet Evan:
 He was the resident engineer and architect on Tuesday. He used the Kinex we have for workshops to build all manner of rocket ships.

Meet Issa:
 She was our number cruncher and interior designer three days this week. Yes, she is lying on the L of my desk. I didn't have a good reason to tell her she couldn't. My office walls are also now covered in all manner of illustrations and notes.

She even reminded me to stop and smell the flowers on the way into the office:
I am so incredibly grateful to work at a place where I can bring them when I need to--especially in the summer. Things are pretty quiet around here, and they were content to play in my office while I worked at my computer. It was Issa's first week out of school, and we didn't want to throw her straight into camps. It was a nice transition for her, and for the most part I enjoyed having a little extra time with her. There were only a few moments when work-me and mommy-me collided--trying to draft a document while checking math work, responding to email while helping sound out words in a letter--it got a little dicey.

Today,  Issa is at a play date, and next week she heads to camp, but it was nice to have a little company in the office this week.

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