Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Yesterday at work was not one of my favorite days. I was trapped in an all day meeting led by a woman whose credibility was rapidly declining as the day went on. I can be a pretty tolerant person, but when you continue to only tell one side of the story and shut down anyone that raises a question or a concern I'm out...and grumpy. Add frantic calls from students about job interviews and prospects and I was D.O.N.E. by the end of the day. I love helping students, but it increased my frustration with being trapped when I should be in my office doing something that is actually important. Rant ended.
Thankfully, we ended early. To be honest, I might have walked out even if she wasn't finished. My options were becoming leave or lose it. I called my people, and told a very thrilled little girl I was going to make it to watch her first tumbling class. Breathe.
I watched Issa tumble and try so hard. It was all new to her, and then I heard her tell her teacher, "Mom says I shouldn't get frustrated if I don't get it right away. This is my first tumbling class." And she got back up. Breathe.
Brad made this lovely cherry biscuit for dessert:

Sweet biscuits with macerated cherries and a cherry sauce. Yum. Breathe.

I ended my evening snuggled up with two kiddos who wanted to cuddle. Breathe.

After they went to bed, I cleaned my inbox and my house, but I was home. Home. Not just the physical place, but the real home. The feeling of Home. And I could breathe again.

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