Thursday, June 6, 2013

Too Much Fun to Post

Nana and Papa are visiting this week, and we have just been having way too much fun playing and celebrating for me to post. I will spend the next few posts trying to catch up, though!
They arrived Friday night, just in time for the big ballet recital Saturday. Our little dancer struck a pose before we left:
 Evan is a goober, but at least he jumped in some pictures:
 Our little family:
 Don't my boys look thrilled about this whole picture thing?

This one is a keeper, though:
Issa danced her little heart out! She did a great job without a drop of stage fright. I am so proud of her and how much she has grown as a dancer this year. This will be her last year in the little ones' recital, but I'm certain we will be watching her on stage for years to come.

We took no pictures at the actual recital, though, because it was scorching hot. We opted to come home, cool off, and then head out to barbecue. We have our priorities straight. More fun to follow...

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