Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Growing and Challenging

My little Issa-bug is growing so fast. Yesterday morning, I dropped her off at camp at our museum, and she bounced very happily in without so much as a goodbye. I couldn't help but remember last year when I left a shy baby at the door and cried when I got to the car. Now look at our big girl in her camp shirt:
Last night, Issa made the leap into big girl dance. Technique is becoming more of a focus, and I watched her teachers tweak foot position and posture. She still laughed and had a blast, but it's a new challenge. She thrived on it in ballet and jazz, but tap was a real stretch. But...she hung in there and kept trying. I am proud...and grateful. I'm proud she is learning how to persevere, and I'm grateful she is continuing to thrive.

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