Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Well Then...

Last spring, as in the spring of 2012, Issa decided she wanted the training wheels off her bike. Somewhere very early in the learning process, though, she had an epic crash and promptly swore off bikes for the rest of her life. We opted to ride that one out. Why push? It was just a bike, and when she was ready she would try again.
Fast forward to this May when she decided she wanted to try again. Of course, by this time, the bike was a bit small, but we opted to see if she stuck with it before we bought a bigger bike. She did! So...this weekend we set out to find a bike that was the right size so she could have a better chance at really learning how to ride.
As part of the deal, Evan got his very first scooter:
 It is even Iron Man! He's not quite big enough for a bike, and the tricycle we have is the perfect size. He pretty much lives on the scooter now, though. It's taking a little practice, but he is starting to be able to glide a bit farther.

I could have walked in and chosen Evan's scooter in a heart beat. Issa, however, threw us:
 Yes, that is a lime green boy's bike that she chose. We didn't see that one coming. When she pointed to that one, Daddy and I were both a little surprised. I pointed out a cool hot pink one with streamers and a light green one with pink details. She remained resolutely set on the green boy's bike, though.

Brad reminded her that this was it. There would be no changing her mind later. Then she humbled me. "Mom, you are the one that says there are no girl or boy colors or girl or boy toys. Why does it matter?"


I do say that. In fact, I had thrown a small fit when she asked for girl Legos--as in the pink and purple set that they now make that irritates the hell out of me. Why was a bike different to me? It was stupid. She was right. And she loves her new bike:
Daddy is very patiently teaching her how to ride. She can make it about five feet before she realizes she's riding solo and crashes. But this time, she's getting right back on. That's my girl...on a lime green boys bike...and I am one proud mama.

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