Thursday, June 27, 2013


Life is a little nutty right now. I had delusions that things would get easier in the summer. I was crazy. With running Issa to various camps and packing the necessary "stuff," I'm missing any semblance of routine. I feel like I'm living by the calendar and various slips of paper telling me what to do tonight to get ready for tomorrow. I'm also trying to prep the house and the refrigerator for my five day absence. Throw in a crazy work life right now complete with the start of a six-week summer session course and I'm barely holding on to my sanity. Add shin splints to the mix and I'm a hop, skip, and jump away from full-on crazy.

But...thankfully...there are moments. In the midst of the morning rush, Daddy and Evan were ready to head out the door and I was packing lunches. Issa was upstairs doing an art project before camp, which has become her new routine. Just as Evan was walking out the door, he froze: "I have to tell Sissy goodbye!" I rushed up the stairs just so I could see the moment. He ran up the stairs, threw his arms around her, and said, "By, Sissy. Have a good day. I love you." She repeated the same, and they both went merrily along their way.

Wondrous thing. Every once in a while in this parenting gig, you have a moment when you know you are getting at least one thing right. Evan has seen Daddy and I do this routine every morning. We never taught him explicitly, but he is learning the importance of saying goodbye and I love you to the ones he loves. It makes my heart very happy.

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