Monday, June 10, 2013

The Last of the Fourth Birthday

I'm really back this time. Nana and Papa left Saturday, and we have almost readjusted to reality in our household. I might still be pouting just a bit, but as promised, I will continue with the recap.
Part of the visit was set to close Evan's fourth birthday celebrations. In a surprise move, he chose a mustache theme:
 How hysterical are those two? of my favorite pictures of Evan ever:
 A little sibling mustache love:
 It was all great fun. The mustaches didn't last too long because they are apparently very tickley. I didn't even try. We did get to meet Aunt Shannon and Uncle Jeff for lunch as part of the celebrating, and the kids wore their hats. It was most humorous. It was a quick lunch between a wedding Aunt Shannon was in and a flight home, but we were so glad we got to celebrate with them.

Following tradition, Aunt Shannon gave Issa and Evan their new swimsuits:

Evan thinks he's pretty hot stuff in his Spiderman gear, and Issa feels very grown up in her two piece. As an added bonus, part of Evan's birthday gift was a Slip and Slide:
Issa totally grasped the run and flop theory. Evan, well, he preferred the baseball slide:
After all that fun, there were the rest of the party preparations to finish. Issa decorated Papa and Nana's gift to Evan:
In case you aren't clear, that is Hulk. The black circles are his muscles, of course, and even Hulk appreciates birthday balloons, apparently. Please also note Issa's Hulk face.
Nana made a perfect mustache and tie cake:

Which went perfectly with the plates and napkins Evan had chosen for the party:

 Finally, Evan opened his gift:
 That would be an Avengers Lego set. We built Loci's containment chamber and the plane that subdues Hulk. Let me tell you, Legos have come a long way since I was a kid!

Evan's favorite was still the cake:
 I love, love, love that picture. It makes my heart very happy.

And, we blew the candles out on a fabulous fourth birthday celebration:
 I sure do love this little man and his surprises.

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