Monday, April 7, 2014

Promise Fulfilled

We made a deal with Issa a while ago that as soon as she learned to type a full sentence, including proper punctuation and capitalization, she could have her own laptop. She met that goal a few months ago, including being able to start a new document, which left Daddy and I figuring out what to do. The tricky thing is the school system will be issuing her a laptop in the not so distant future, so we were trying to find a great deal on something to get her by until then. It became a little more pressing now that she is working on her science fair project and Daddy set her up with some basic design software, though. Thankfully, Daddy is a genius! 

I have a work laptop and an iPad. However, I left my personal laptop set up at home. I like to compartmentalize like that. More and more, though, I was using the other devices. So...Sunday morning we surprised Issa with her very own used laptop:
Daddy customized it complete with a Company wallpaper, her school homepage as her internet homepage, and parent controls. It lives in the kitchen, and she couldn't be more thrilled. We were both impressed by how well she navigates it, and she loved showing Evan everything on the school website. We are kicking ourselves for not thinking of it earlier, but she is one very, very happy kiddo!

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