Monday, April 28, 2014

We're Official!

This weekend just cannot be contained in one post. In fact, I have decided it will take four...

This was how we began Friday morning:
Our little man is officially registered for kindergarten.

Just when I thought I couldn't love our school more we went to kindergarten registration. Everyone was so excited to see Evan, and he was so excited to finally be there instead of just being the tag-along little brother. Even though this is our second to enter kindergarten, it will be the first at this school, so it was all a little new for me.

It was by far the most organized kindergarten registration I have ever seen. We had been given all of the paperwork in advance, so there was no stress of trying to fill our forms on a clipboard. We checked in with our proof of residency and birth certificate, and then Evan was able to find the name tag they had waiting for him. He got his picture taken, and then he was whisked off to "play games" with the kindergarten teachers while I went to the media center to get all of the parent information. He barely even waved goodbye he was so excited.

I was fine--really truly fine--all morning. He walked confidently into the music room, and I sat and listened to the presentations about everything from the PTSA to the lunch line. Then one of the kindergarten teachers stood up and said, "In kindergarten, we have two rules: We are problem solvers and we care. That is true for the teachers, too. If your child is not eating lunch, we will call. If they scrape their knee, we'll clean it and put a bandaid on it." And that was it. That was the crack. I nearly bit through my lip to hold it together. I trust the school implicitly, but hearing them say that they will care for my baby like their own almost did me in. I did hold it together, though, and shortly after that I walked back down the hall to pick up my little man.

He was so thrilled. He had a blast, and he could hardly wait to show me the book and coloring book he had been given. We now know all about chipmunks, by the way. On the way out, Evan stopped to talk to the principal:

"I'm coming to kindergarten Monday!"

"Evan, we can't wait to have you here, but you have to wait until August to start kindergarten."

"Nope, I'm coming Monday."

And this is why we have the best principal ever. He dropped to his knees and said, "Evan, there a whole bunch of old kindergartners hanging around right now. Can you give me until August to get rid of them so you and your friends can have the classrooms to yourselves?"

Evan thought he could handle that, and I think we are all ready to start the adventure.

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