Monday, April 14, 2014

So Many Happies

This weekend was a bit of a blur but in the best of ways. Friday, I arrived home to our first Produce Box:
 Just look at all that deliciousness from local, small farms. We set the cooler on the porch in the morning, and when we get home I get to unload all the freshness and plan menus for the week. We generally know what will be arriving, but these were a very happy surprise:
 Some of the carrots and leaks were part of a spring chicken vegetable soup I made last night, which was lovely, and tonight we are having spinach salads. Deliciousness.

Saturday, we had an all day (like 15 hours door to door) dance competition. Issa's group did the best I've seen them do, and they won second, third, and fourth over all for their jazz, tap, and hip-hop. Production took second in the overall for that group. The awards weren't the highlights, though. It was the small moments. Laughing with Issa in the dressing room. Watching a big sister watch her little sister compete a solo, dancing along in her seat and holding her breath for the tricky bits. Watching big sisters snuggle little sisters before Production:
Those are the moments I love. I love watching her dance on stage, but dance is just so much more.

Sunday was a gorgeous day, and we spent a good part of it outside. I loved watching Issa reading in the hammock, sometimes snuggled up to Evan and sometimes Daddy. I loved watching Evan defeat grass dragons with his foam sword. As one point, I looked down to see him smiling just lying in the grass:

"Buddy, this is pretty much your idea of heaven, isn't it?"

"Yep, Mama. It sure is."

Mine, too, Buddy, mine, too...

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