Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Smiles

Spring has finally, finally arrived. Actually, we may be full-on into summer at this point. We're supposed to be in the 80s today. The timing is perfect, though, since Issa in on Spring Break this week. She's spending her break at the Life and Science Museum in Critter Camp, which is her idea of heaven. She even got to hold Salt, the chinchilla this week. Life doesn't get any better. But, I do have a list of spring smiles from this week:

1. Monday afternoon, Issa had a playdate after camp, and Evan announced he just wanted to play in the backyard all by himself. I stood at the kitchen door and watched him march about the yard waving sticks and counting to himself. I love watching him just love being outdoors.

2. When I picked Issa up from her playdate she was covered in mud because they had been out playing in a creek. I love it.

3. The kitchen door is open. The breeze and the birds' songs are filling the kitchen, and  I love it. I actually got teary as we were sitting down for dinner last night. It's just a different kind of peace.

4. I got stuck in a two hour traffic jam yesterday on the way to work, but it was the kind where we were literally just stopped. I got two uninterrupted hours to just sit and enjoy the sun and the blue sky and listen to the radio. It was lovely.

5. After dinner, the kids took Viv out to play fetch. All three of them had great fun.

6. I can still smell the sunscreen that I lathered on the kids this morning. I love that smell.

7. The trees are in bloom and all is just so right with the world...

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