Monday, January 7, 2013

A Weekend of Just Right

The end of last week was brutal. We all jumped back in to school and work in the midst of finding homes for Christmas gifts, packing up the Christmas decorations, and taking down the tree before it just disintegrated. It was a whirlwind.

By the time Saturday rolled around, we declared a pajama day. We played with new toys and dug out some old favorites. We read and snuggled and watched movies. In short, we were blissfully lazy. It was exactly what we needed.

Yesterday, we ventured out. The kids had earned enough pebbles for one on one dates, and this time it was my turn to go with Issa. She decided we needed pedicures, and I didn't argue one bit. She talked and I listened while our toes were pampered. By the time we got home, my ears were exhausted and my toes were so pink they glow in the dark. And I had one very, very happy girl, which makes me one very, very happy mama.

It was a weekend of just right, which is perfect since it's Monday and we're all back to reality again.

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