Tuesday, January 8, 2013

More Than a Table

When the tree came down, Brad decided it was time for a furniture rearrange:
This table belonged to Gram and Gramps, and it sat in their family room as long as I can remember. It has lived up on our landing for a few years, and Brad decided it would get more use downstairs.
He was so right. We have had a couple of informal meals around it, and nothing makes my heart happier than seeing Issa do homework in the same spot I used to do mine. The kids have dragged coloring books and crayons to the table, and it is quickly becoming a favorite spot.
As I sit on the couch, I can look over and almost see Gramps working on appraisals, folders carefully arranged across the top. I can hear Gram reminding us all to put a coaster under our glasses. (The coasters I brought her back from Paris are sitting on the table now, and I remind the kids to use them at that table.) I see family playing Crazy Eights and Kings on the Corner and later bridge, hearts, and spades. I can hear their voices, and I can feel the love...and my heart is happy.

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