Thursday, January 31, 2013

I Know

My life is even more random than usual this week. A list is the only way to capture this:

1. Evan hopped out of the bathtub last night and asked if he needed to put on clean underwear. I literally had to ask him to repeat himself because surely I had misheard. I had not. I will never master this raising a boy thing.

2. I spent the morning chaperoning Issa's field trip to the planetarium. We had a blast. I was exhausted. I also learned more physics in a 45 minute presentation than I did in a whole course.

3. I got lost between the planetarium and work. I was two minutes late to teach. I hate being late. The only thing I hate more is being late for a class I am supposed to teach. My class was lovely about the whole thing, and I let them go five minutes early as an apology. I was a hero.

4. My class. Oh...I love these ladies. I have a room full of artists and philosophers. These are my people. And...they listen. They read feedback and actually make changes in the next paper. My heart was singing.

5. I work with truly awesome people. I have a hot mess of a student right now, and they are rallying to back me up. I love these ladies.

6. I jacked up the Kiss-and-Go line again today. I took Brad's car and forgot the child locks were on. I was the crazy mama running around the car to let her kid out. I have to get better at this!

7. I had Brad's car because I'm leaving for San Diego this afternoon. I'm headed back out to AVID-world. It's thrilling and terrifying at the same time. I used to do so much work with them, but I backed off during that dissertation thing. They have asked me to return, and I'm jumping back in. It feels good, but I have to leave my people. It's the longest I will have been away from Evan.

8. My people seem pretty unfazed by my absence. I have been asked to leave directions for homework and drop-off tomorrow, but that was about it. The kids are pretty excited for some daddy time, and there is a part of me that thinks that is just as it should be. The other part would have appreciated a tear or two this morning. Is that wrong?

9. I suppose I should wrap up this list before you fall asleep and I actually should get ready to go. Adventures await!

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