Monday, January 14, 2013

Date Night and Gaggles of Girls

So...that title sounds odd, but it pretty much sums up our weekend.

Saturday night, Brad and I headed out for a night on the town, thanks to my sister and Jeff. They gave us tickets to see Jekyll and Hyde, and it was fabulous! We had seen it before, but this cast was really impressive. Lucy stole the stage, and Hyde literally gave me nightmares. Well done!

Before the show, though, we headed out to one of our favorite places for dinner. It's nothing fancy, but they have fun burgers and garlic fries. We used to go there often pre-kids, so it's a treat to go back. We had a little time between dinner and the show, so we actually went to sit at a bar and have a drink. I know we haven't done that since before Issa was born. I felt like such a rebel and was slightly shocked I didn't get carded--not really. We did have a blast, though.

Sunday morning started slowly. Our little people were in need of snuggles, and then they headed next door to play...for hours. We could hear them outside, and Evan was keeping up with the big girls. There is nothing more hysterical than hearing a gaggle of giggling girls interrupted by Evan's maniacal laugh. We finally felt so guilty about the kids all invading the neighbors that we invited the lot over for pizza. Holy hell. Five girls plus Evan that had been playing together all afternoon equals a lot of loud. They had a blast, though, and I think the kiddos were asleep before they even laid all the way down.

I would say that is one lovely weekend. And comes full week...full steam ahead!

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