Friday, January 11, 2013

Pick Your Battles

I think every mother who doesn't want to completely lose her mind learns pretty early on one crucial lesson: pick your battles. I often find myself asking myself what truly matters. Sometimes, the battles I pick are with myself. How important is that task? Is it worth being exhausted to finish it? Does any one really care if my floors are spotless? The battles that are important are the ones that really affect our family. Anything else can wait...sometimes forever.
Many of the battles, though, are with the kiddos. Each of them have developed some quirks that are just not worth fighting lately.
Normal people put their pajamas in a drawer or under a pillow. Not Evan:
Yep, the pajamas he is currently wearing live in his basketball hoop. Why not? They have a designated place that is not the floor, and he gets them there every morning. Would I prefer them under the pillow? Yep. Battle worth fighting? Nope.
Issa has to make her bed every morning. This is the current rendition:
Most people put the throw pillows up by the headboard, but the side works, too. Would I love it if the covers were a bit more centered? Yep. Do I think it takes a ridiculous amount of time for her to arrange her animals this way when they still end up looking like a hot mess? Yep. A battle worth fighting? Nope.
It's a good thing I love these little people like crazy or I might just go crazy myself.

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  1. Umm I love this!! Especially the bball hoop! You're such a good mom!