Friday, January 25, 2013

Snow Days

Last Friday, the kids had a snow day. They were in boots and coats by 7, enjoying snow that wouldn't pack but was great for throwing about. Briana came over to join us, and after an excursion to the library we decided to make Valentine's cupcakes:
 They were very special:
 Some of them were a bit crunchy thanks to a copious amount of sprinkles.

After they were sufficiently sugared, they headed upstairs to produce a puppet show:
 Their sign did not adequately prepare us, so they made guiding arrows:
 Yes, every orange piece of paper has an arrow guiding us to this:
 The plot was a little light, but the laughter:

Let's just say they are some funny girls.

Today, the kids have early dismissal because we are supposed to get some more snow this afternoon. Couple that with Daddy returning home tonight and Uncle Tim coming for a visit, and, well, there was not enough coffee in the world to help me wrangle these little people to school. In fact, I think I need one more cup.

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