Monday, April 22, 2013

A Howling Good Time

This weekend, we finally redeemed the kids' Christmas weekend at Great Wolf! I really don't know who was more excited this year--the kiddos or the parents. This trip has truly become a vacation. We know the resort and the routine so well, and as the kids get older we pack less. It's fabulous. By all accounts, this was the best trip yet!
We hit the road Friday evening as soon as Daddy got home from work. This year, we opted to just grab a snack on the way and then order pizza when we arrived there. It is now tradition. It allowed us to settled into our room an hour earlier, and the kids were thrilled to be able to hang out in their wolf den for a bit longer before we finally declared lights out.
This year, the wolf den was especially fun for some reason. The kids decided to share the top bunk, and they hauled all manner of toys up there to play during the day. I had tucked some new art projects in their trunkies for the trip, and they were a huge hit!
Saturday morning, the kids woke up bright and early, anxious to eat the cereals that they are only allowed to have on vacation. They also decided that no one actually uses a door in a wolf den; the window is more fun:
 Evan really thought he had pulled off something with this trick:
 We stalled as long as we could and then went down to wait for the water park to open. For the first time, I checked in online, which meant we got a room that was much closer to everything, which is awesome except when you have twenty minutes until the park opens. We did a lot of wandering. Fortunately, Oliver the Raccoon was a little early, too:
 And then we had to do the Great Wolf cheer to open the park! Issa loves the cheer and would be devastated if we missed it, but she really wishes people would cheer a bit more quietly:
 We didn't take many pictures in the water park because, well, we were enjoying the park. That was actually a theme for the weekend. We snapped a few, but we really were too busy enjoying to worry too much about documenting every moment. Evan did pose while we were waiting for Issa:
 This is a terrible picture, but you can almost see Issa and Daddy:
 Issa went down the big slide for the first time, and she loved every minute of it!

After showers, we headed off to use our Paw Passes. The first stop was the animal station, where Squirrely and Bearby joined our family:
 Then we headed to the Cub Club for some art fun. Issa chose a backpack this year:
 And Evan opted for a pillow case. I love how earnest he looks here:
 We headed back to the room for some lunch, and then went to the newest addition--bowling:
 All of the pictures are a blur of excitement, but I am so amused by Issa's little foot out here. And Evan celebrated every roll:
 We also spent some quality time in the arcade winning all manner of junk. Bottom line: it would have been a great weekend to take Issa to Vegas.

We spent the afternoon with Princess Ballerina and King Roar questing to save the kindgom in Magiquest:
 Issa defeated the bear, helped the fairies, and conquered the dragon this year! She was on a mission. Evan opened a lot of treasure and then called it quits when a wolf eluded him. That's what I love about this trip. We really follow the kids' leads. I think that's what makes it fun. When they wanted to move on, we did. When they wanted to play, we did.

Sunday was spent in the water park, questing, and just hanging out playing in the room. I did Issa's nails, and Daddy and Evan built a felt truck. In short, it was perfect. In fact, it was one pretty sweet weekend:

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