Thursday, April 11, 2013

We Have a Poster!

After six weeks of work, we have a science fair poster! We get to take it in tonight, and the big event is tomorrow night.
Issa is so excited. Since Daddy has been gone, she and I have finished this project. Tuesday, we created all of the content, and yesterday we put it all on the board.
Issa and Daddy had drafted what we needed and where it should go, and then she was very careful about getting everything just the way she wanted it:
 I did end up helping squeeze the glue at the end. We got the special foam board glue, which sticks so much better but is a little hard to squeeze. Outside of that, she did it all on her own. Look at that pride:
 Evan also wanted to get in a picture:

He has spent the past two days watching Issa work and talking about his own project in a couple of years--love it!
This was Issa's first foray into typing for school:

 I love her results section, too:
 I will admit I retyped this for her. She had it finished, and then accidentally deleted it. Before I could fix it, she hit save. There were tears. So...she dictated and I typed. Grace seemed to be the better lesson to learn here.

She also made her first line graph:
She thought this was hysterical. She loved drawing the dots and then connecting them.
She can't wait to display her board, and I am so proud of her for sticking with the project all the way to the end and enjoying it all the way to the end. I kind of like this kid...adore her really.

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