Monday, April 15, 2013

Arts and Sciences

We had another fabulous weekend. Friday night, we had a blast at Issa's science fair. They had the usual presentations of boards:
 But they also had a series of eight experiments for kids to do. We made our own lemon soda, launched rockets, built towers, made kazoos, and the favorite, made our own ice cream:
 They also had demos set up, and Daddy was just as excited as the kids:
 Issa was so proud of her board. In fact, it followed her around Saturday morning:
 We were really proud, too. As we looked at others, you could tell which had been finished by students and which by parents. We were glad to be on the student side of that one.

Saturday morning, we headed to our library for the All County Art Show! Issa actually asked to have her picture taken with me:
 Each school had their own section:
 Issa's piece was an interpretation of "Starry Night":
 It really was a cool show! The art teachers had made a scavenger hunt, which helped guide all of us through the exhibits. They also had a middle school quartet playing that was incredibly good. Both kids just wanted to watch them play for a while. And as another little gift to Mom, the kids asked to take this picture:
After lunch downtown, we all headed to campus. I had a recruitment event, and the rest of the family explored campus, including our little lake. There were no ducks or geese around, but they did feed the fish and play in the grass. We ended the day with some shoe shopping, and the kids nearly fell asleep in their dinner plates.

Yesterday, we did the grocery shopping and house cleaning. Issa played with the neighbors all day, and the rest of us did some more yard work. In short, it was a great weekend--a little arts, a little science, and a lot of fun.

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