Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Birthday Box

We have officially entered birthday season around here! Birthdays tend to sprawl around these parts, and I soak up every moment. Last week, Evan's magazine arrived, and it launched the kick off to his birthday season.
Every year, I order the birthday paper products from the same company, Birthday Express. That means about a month before the birthday, we get a catalogue and coupons in the mail. In Evan's world, when it arrives in the spring it is his very own magazine. We sat down and looked through all of the pages and looked online for some ideas he had, and we chose the themes for all three parties.
Yes, you read that correctly. He will have three parties. One with his friends, one just our little family on his actual birthday, and then one with my family when they come down at the end of the month.
The big box arrived yesterday, and it was almost more than little man could handle:

 Yes, my friends, that is a fire truck pinata for his friend party. We carefully unpacked and inspected each item, while Issa documented the event:

 He chose a Lego city theme for his friend party:

It has firetrucks, helicopters, boats, police cars, and race cars. What more can a boy ask for? (Yes, he was so excited he actually crawled in the box.) I sat down and did the invitations last night, and they went out today! It's his first friend party, and I'm possibly more excited than he is.

He chose Avengers for his actual birthday, but Issa did not capture any of those moments.

For his final party he went with a mustache theme:
 I can't answer any questions.

I love planning the kids' birthdays, and I already have a few things up my sleeves. Just you wait! favorite pic of the evening:
The photo journalist herself. She may not have a career in this--at least not if you want the events captured--but she sure is cute.

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