Friday, April 19, 2013


Issa is absolutely fine, but this is what greeted me yesterday after school:
She has knees that match her nose. As I gasped, Issa asked me, "What?"

"Uh...your face? It seems to be a little scraped up?"

"Oh, yeah, I got run over by some fourth graders."

"Um...can I have a few details? Are you okay?"

You see, I'm not really used to Issa being so chill about, well, anything. She may get that from me. Usually a paper cut comes with an epic poem. As it turns out, she was walking across the playground and two fourth graders were running towards the door. They didn't even see her, and, well, they ran her over. I guess the girls stopped and helped her up, and the PE teacher was there in moments to check on her. By all accounts, Issa never shed a tear and her teacher got her all patched up. She said it was more annoying than painful.

I guess I'll take that. I did suggest that maybe next time she should try to keep her head up on the way down.

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