Monday, April 8, 2013

That Smile

This weekend was one of those blissful weekends that was super productive and also so relaxing. I love when the stars align and that happens. The highlights of my weekend: doing a little shopping (including groceries), cleaning the whole house top to bottom (including using my brand new Dyson because my husband loves me), Brad mowing the yard for the first time this season, and the kids and I opening the little pond and counting the frog eggs. We did a little other yard work, too, and it just felt good to be out in the fresh air and warm weather again!
Each of the kids had remarkable weekends in their own right, and they each deserve their own posts.
Issa finished her spring break camp, Artist Scientist, Friday. I got to go to the closing gallery, and we left with more artwork than I would have thought possible for one week! She only let me snap one picture of her stepping stone:

They went to the fossil pit to find cool rocks and teeth to add to the shiny things they already had. They also did pointillism, bark paintings, Warhol prints, mosaics, spin art, stop motion animations, mobiles, and a few other styles. Like I said, they were busy, and she made a new friend, Elena. We will be meeting at the museum for a playdate very soon.
As exciting as that was, Issa was most excited about our trip to PetSmart on the way home. Meet Tiny:

The kind staff assured Issa Hrme dying so quickly truly was bad luck. She had done everything perfectly. We're hoping Tiny is with us much longer. He is only about a third of the size of Hrme:

 He's also much busier. Issa has been dutifully caring for him and checking on him.  He seems to be adjusting well, and our girl:
 I think that smile says it all. She felt so much better hearing the "expert" say she had done everything well, and I'm so grateful to see that smile again.

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