Thursday, April 18, 2013

Super Boy

This picture hurts my heart in the best possible way:
At some point, my baby became a boy. Now that he's in shorts, I notice that his little legs have lost all their rolly-polly babiness. He's strong--really strong--and fast. He strides rather than walks; there's almost a swagger there.

And he is beginning to understand more of the world. He is wearing his class shirt here. They made these shirts to wear for the mini-march for cystic fibrosis. I love that his school is helping the children learn about helping others, and when I picked him up yesterday he proudly announced, "I helped really sick kids today, Mom. They're going to try to make them better." His teacher also told me that he asked if his class could make cards to send to the kids, too. He's a pretty great little boy...and will always be my baby.

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