Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Love

As promised, here is the Easter post that is worth the wait!
We started the weekend with Daddy's side of the family, but...no memory card means no pictures. We did have a fabulous time playing with the cousins and visiting with everyone.
When we arrived at Nana and Papa's house, the kids spent most of the day playing. Mom and I visited and prepared for dinner, and then as soon as Aunt Shannon arrived, it was time to dye eggs:
 We used the farm fresh brown eggs again, and they really do make the most beautiful jewel tones. Issa is so patient. She will wait until the egg is just the right color. Sometimes she'll let one dry and then layer the colors. They are beautiful.

Evan, well...
 We still make him take off his shirt. We're getting better at the gentle factor, but he's more of a blue and green get them done kind of guy.

Brace yourself for this next picture:
 If that doesn't melt your heart, either your shoes are two sizes too small or your heart is. They were all dressed and ready for the party! We all ate way too much, and then Nana got out a special activity for the kiddos. We attempted fairy jars:
 The kids had a ball! They were really pretty in the dark of the closet:
 We grown-ups were a little frustrated. We had all seen them on line, and ours did not look like theirs. I did some researching, and I think we might try again--smaller jars, diamond glitter, break the stick when you shake the glitter. We did almost none of those things. The kids thought they were really cool, though!
I love how well these littles play together!

After they were sufficiently sugared up from cake, they went outside to play bubble wands:
 Please notice Evan in a parka. It was not that cold, but he's my little Southern boy.

After the party, Evan and Uncle Jeff did a little train building:
 I believe their trains were set to run things over at the bottom of the hill. Sometimes I find it better not to listen too closely.

Sunday morning, the kids were thrilled to learn that the Easter Bunny had indeed come!
 He hid eggs on the back porch and in the kitchen this year. I love Evan's face in this one:
He couldn't quite reach! I would say it was a successful hunt, though:
After the hunt, we were able to snap a few family pictures:
 This is probably one of my all time favorites of the four of us. And...more cuteness:
 We managed to con Evan into one more with Aunt Shannon:
 And Issa got a few more snuggles with Uncle Jeff:
And then we were back on the road!

This is always an incredibly fast trip, but I am so grateful for the time with family. I think the pictures capture the warmth and the memories--the Easter Love.

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