Thursday, April 25, 2013

The First Gift

Evan's first birthday gifts arrived yesterday. To say he was excited is a mastery of understatement! Because he is such a sweet little brother, he let Issa help open:
Papa Don and Grandma Nancy know this boy well. They sent his very own pitch back:
 And a batting trainer:
 He was elated. Issa announced we would have to wait for Daddy to put them together, which meant I immediately needed to put them together:
 Here's the deal: I know she probably means that Daddy is just better at these sorts of things--which he is--but I hear my girl say she needs to wait for a boy and I need to prove a point. For the record, though, I only had to take two pieces apart, redo the net twice, and got one fat, split lip when Evan was helping and hit me with a pole on accident. My lip looks really fabulous this morning. Maybe next time we'll wait for Daddy.

But, I was successful and we headed out try out the new toys:
 Evan was in heaven:
 He even let big sis take a turn:
 Look at that mighty swing:
 Look at that mighty swing that knocked him down:
And the birthday celebrations are off and rolling! Issa and I are going shopping for the last of the supplies for his friend party today. Big excitement this weekend, folks!

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