Monday, May 20, 2013

A Wondrous Last

Friday night, we went to Issa's school for an 80s themed family dance. It was a fundraiser for the fifth grade class trip, and we had a blast. Issa announced that we had to dress up, and I jumped on board:
 Issa had bangles up her arm, we were rocking the blue eyeshadow, and I would like you to witness these:
 I rocked the leg warmers. Even Evan got into the theme:
Who doesn't love a good mohawk?

There were lots of kids decked out in neon, but Susan and I were the only two moms who participated. We also were out there dancing with the kids and showing them exactly how the electric slide is done. I had a blast, and Issa and Briana declared us the coolest moms ever.

After a few dances, the girls took off with their friends, and Susan remarked that this may be the last time they ask us to dress up--much less proclaim us cool for doing it and dancing with them. I know I will eventually be relegated to the bleachers or drop off duty, but I'll take it for now.

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