Friday, May 3, 2013

Yin and Yang

I may have mentioned a time or twelve that I have to maintain a bit of a split personality to parent my two very different children. Last night was one of those nights where their polarity was hilariously present.

Evan came bursting (and that is really what he does) through the door after soccer at his usual six million decibels: "Mom, I need a bath because I am all muddy." And he was. He told me the whole story with both of his little arms out, fingers spread wide. Apparently, he was practicing trapping, and he made a great trap (is that the correct terminology?), but he "totally wiped out." Both Evan and Daddy were beaming with pride. He had mud all over his legs, his socks, and his sweatshirt. Somehow his shorts were clean , which is a little concerning to me actually. But, he was filthy and had been playing soccer and could not have been happier.

Meanwhile, Issa is beaming because she gets to move up a level in dance. She is also adding tumbling this summer, which means we will be spending nearly three hours a week at the studio. She is also determined to get her split this summer, and she knows she needs to do much more stretching to make that possible. So...she asked me to start doing yoga with her every night. I'm all over that.  I love yoga...and then she announced she had done cosmic yoga at school and we should do that together. Cosmic yoga does nothing for my zen, but it is cute, and it might have kicked my tail last night. It's much more fast paced, and the poses tell stories.

There you have it. The muddy soccer player and the stretching dancer and one mommy just trying to keep up.

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