Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day

No pictures. I took absolutely no pictures yesterday, but it was perfect.

I love Mother's Day. It's the one day a year where I don't feel a drop of guilt about doing nothing. And my family knows how to do Mother's Day. I am thoroughly spoiled the entire day.

The family woke me up to homemade English muffins and great coffee. I was showered with flowers, potted flowers made at school, all manner of handmade cards, a bright pink heart pillow from Evan that says "World's Best Mommy," a butterfly necklace and earring set from Issa, and a day at the spa from Daddy. After lots of snuggles, we decided to get dressed and go out to lunch at our favorite BBQ place. In an uncharacteristic moment, Evan got so tired he asked to curl up in my lap and fell asleep; it was a Mother's Day gift. We came home to high quality naps, and then Daddy made a small fiesta for dinner. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

Happy belated Mother's Day to all of the mamas!

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