Thursday, May 2, 2013


Well...I'm working from home today. It was not really in the plan, but my music students shared a lovely virus with me. I literally slept away Sunday, and I've been fighting it all week. I don't feel too badly, but my throat is raw and I have no voice. It's a bit of a nuisance in my line of work. My team has been trying to send me home all week, and when I had nothing on the calendar today, I relented. I'm hoping if I just stay quiet all day (not my strong suit) I'll be 100% tomorrow. A girl can dream...because I'm over this whole virus thing.

It's actually a good thing I'm working from home. There is one little piece of the new job I didn't think through: end of semester grading. All 77 of my angels have semester papers that they turned in yesterday...and time logs...and reflections. 77. Plus my course. Plus final student teacher paperwork.

Here's the deal. When I taught high school, my record was 182 students. I'm still below 100 now, but it just feels like so much more. I'm just staring at the folders and I'm tired. But...they aren't going to grade themselves...

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