Friday, May 17, 2013


We have a conundrum. Why is it that the little parenting decisions are the ones that make me the most crazy? I am totally aware that this falls squarely in the realm of first world problems, but it's stressing me out, so you all get to listen to me sort it out--sorry--sort of.

Evan loves, loves, loves soccer. He also loves, loves, loves Coach Logan. This is all fabulous. Here's the issue. In the fall, we have a choice. Evan can either play Smart Start Soccer again for a third time or he can start U6 soccer and play on a real team with real games and everything. Brad and I thought this was a no brainer. We have seen so much growth over the past two seasons of Smart Start we planned to let him do U6. Brad talked to the Coach, who agreed Evan is definitely ready for U6.

Here's the problem: Evan doesn't want to do U6; he wants to do Smart Start. My parenting gut says he will be bored by Smart Start and will love U6 once he gets there, but we said we would never make the kids start something they didn't want to start. Conundrum.

I tried to figure out why, but I don't know if you've tried reasoning with a four year old lately--it's not easy. It started out about not wanting to leave Coach Logan, but we told him they will be at the field at the same time and he could say hello. Then he didn't want to wear a jersey; no problem: they wear t-shirts. Then, he was afraid the really big kids would run him over; no problem: they play on a different field. He's out of reasons. He just doesn't want to. Sigh.

I don't know if it's change or just Evan being Evan. I also know we have a few weeks to make the decision and I probably just need to chill. I also know it the grand scheme of life this is so not a problem.'s currently making me crazy! Any ideas will be happily heard!

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