Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Miss Steph came over for a little impromptu play date last night! The weather was perfect, and the kids wanted to head outside. Steph started out first, and imagine our surprise when we walked out to see this:
 After Issa's last crash, she had sworn off the bike. Last night, she decided to try again. Bless Steph. She ran up and down that street with Issa. Issa never took a solo ride, but she was getting less wobbly--and she was back on the bike!

And...little man figured out the tricycle:
His legs are finally long enough to get going! You can tell he is just a little bit thrilled!

It was probably one of the most fun moments I've had in a while, watching my two kiddos experience the thrill of wheels, the wind in your face, and the freedom of the ride.

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