Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Birthday Celebration

Evan feels very, very celebrated, and we aren't even finished yet!
Yesterday afternoon, Issa and I took cupcakes in to his class:
 Did I mention it was an all Avengers birthday?

Look at our sweet birthday boy:
 It seems like yesterday I was taking in cupcakes for his first birthday, and this same group of friends were covered in green frosting. Now, they are all so much bigger:
 Please notice the best big sister ever taking off cupcake wrappers for everyone.

When he got home, he discovered his cake spread:
 See...more super heroes on the plates:
 And I tried my hand at a Hulk cake:
 Hulk is not exactly easy!

Evan couldn't wait until after dinner to open his gift:
 Yep...his very own Hulk graphic novels:
 The library doesn't even have these. He and Daddy curled up on the couch immediately to read them.

Issa and I headed off to ballet, and then we came home to have burgers on the grill and sing one more time:
 And Evan blew out the candles on another birthday celebration:
We love you, little man, and we are all bracing for our Chuck E Cheese birthday dinner tonight. We must love you an awful lot.

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