Monday, August 12, 2013

Bears and Dinos and Beads, Oh My!

Yesterday, our little family headed out to our museum to feed the bears! We had gone before, but Evan was teeny tiny and Issa only had vague memories. We were beyond thrilled to be able to go again, and I am quite certain that the kids won't forget this one.
Last time, we went for an evening feeding, which is scattered across the enclosure. This time, we went for breakfast, which means we were much closer to the bears.
Our tour started with some work. Each family was given a paper mache ball to fill. We stuffed ours with sweet potatoes, frozen lettuce, nuts, and beets:
 After our balls were stuffed, we were taken inside the bears' enclosure. Miss Sherry, the keeper, showed us how they check the bears' nails and paws:
 She holds up a walnut and Gus pops right up. We think he wanted another walnut:
 We then got to help weigh Gus:
 He enters from the outside...all 391.6 pounds of him. They were very careful to point out that even though these bears were rescued and have been in captivity their whole lives, they are still bears.

We then headed out to the fenced in area outside of the enclosure. Once our food was safely placed, we headed outside before the bears were allowed inside. Gus, the alpha, was the first to come eat:
 The paper mache didn't stand a chance:
 Mimi came in, grabbed a ball, and ran back out:
 The kids with Gus:
 It was a little toasty:
 Virginia wandered in, but I didn't get a picture before she wandered back out. Yona, the bottom bear in the hierarchy and the "baby," was the last to arrive:
 He finally snuggled up to Gus and ate whatever Gus left. No walnuts for Yona.

It was amazing to watch the bears interact that close!

After lunch, we explored the dinosaur trail:
 And visited the farm before heading inside. The museum has opened a few new exhibits, including this interactive light board:
To say that we had a great day at the museum is an understatement! I am so grateful such a wonderful place is so close to us!

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