Thursday, August 22, 2013

Fairy Guilt

Issa came to work with me yesterday and spent the better part of the day regaling every person she met--my colleagues and my students--with her fairy woes. She was not at all whiny, but she wanted people to know the fairy couldn't find her tooth and it was okay because she had a plan. Thankfully, I work with teachers and future teachers who understand the severity of this situation and made the appropriate fuss and affirmation of her plan.
This was the end result:
She put the tooth on her dresser so it wouldn't get lost under the pillow and made the Fairy a sign:
She wanted the Fairy to both know there were no hard feelings and also not miss her tooth. Who could miss a tooth with a sign that colorful pointing the way? I believe it is a tie dyed tooth.

Needless to say, that Fairy not only found the tooth but also left double the payment. Issa was delighted this morning, and we are all quite certain the Fairy will never get lost again.

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