Thursday, August 8, 2013

Eleven Years is a Long Time

Brad and I have been married for eleven years. That is not a long time; I'm looking forward to 111 more. But...many of our household items were wedding gifts from our very generous family and friends. Eleven years is a long time for them. Dishes are beginning to chip. Towels have been relegated to the bottom of the pile. We are toying with the idea of replacing some of these things, but we are use it up kind of people.
Our bedding, though, was getting to be a problem. All of it is original. The blanket was getting to be problematic. At one point, it was an incredible velux blanket. Recently, it has literally started to peal apart. Did you know there is webbing inside of those blankets? The velux can just peel off in strips. It was only peeling at the feet, but we were in serious conversations about replacing it, along with everything else on the bed. Seams on comforters and throw pillows had been mended about as much as they could be. It was time, but I dread shopping for linens. I get overwhelmed.
Enter my hero: my sister. They are moving and downsizing to a one bedroom, which meant she had a nearly new set that she no longer needed. Because she rocks, she offered  it to us:
The lighting is terrible, but see how nice it looks in our room? It matches the walls perfectly, and we are no longer picking up pieces of blanket! It looked much nicer at her place because she makes beds like catalogue people do. I did the best I can. It does make me so very, very happy!

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