Monday, August 5, 2013

Welcome Home Weekend!

I was in San Diego all last week for an AVID Conference. While I loved my time there, I was really ready to get home to my people. I took the red eye home Friday night, and Brad and the kids met me at the airport. Unfortunately, I saw Brad just long enough to give him a hug before he hopped on an airplane for Cleveland and a friend's bachelor party.

The kids and I headed home, I showered, and then we headed out to do our back to school shopping! This would not have been my first choice, but it was tax free weekend and I'm frugal. Thankfully, Issa was an easy shopper! So many of her supplies are for the general classroom, so she is less particular. We did have to find owl colored tissue boxes, but that was fairly simple in the grand scheme of life. We were actually finished in less than an hour, and I was one happy mama.

We headed home to put away groceries and pack her backpack (because we only have three weeks until school starts!), and I tried to function my way through exhaustion. At 4, we headed to the school for the back to school festival. A local church hosted the event, and the kids had a blast with face painting, balloons, books, school supplies, and a chance to play with friends. Even Evan saw some of his school friends there. We also got to see Ms. Howell, and I instantly fell in love. Issa bravely went up to introduce herself and let Ms. Howell know how much she wanted to be an owl, and Ms. Howell proclaimed, "Can I give you a hug? I like to hug my owls when we're celebrating and I'm celebrating that you are in my class!" I almost cried. She and Issa chatted about all of the owl gear and second grade, and I am quite certain we are in for a fabulous year. God also smiled on me and made it start to pour on the outdoor event when I was quite certain I might fall over soon. We headed home, and everyone called it an early night.

Yesterday, the kids and I headed out to the lake for Miss Steph's party. The water was warm, and some friends had brought all manner of lake toys, including kayaks and rafts. There is no better feeling than watching your children play with other adults who truly love them. They splashed and laughed all day. I finally got Evan to go out in a kayak with me, and now I think he is hooked! I didn't take a single picture of the day, but it truly was perfect.

We headed home to shower, and then we went back to the airport to pick up Daddy! We headed out for our first family dinner in a full week, and promptly came home to crash!

The jet lag has hit full force today, but here's hoping it's short lived! The welcome home weekend was well worth it.

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