Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Five Bells

With the new back to school schedule, my alarm has started singing at 5:00 am. It's still dark, and I stumble out of bed and into my running shoes or onto my yoga mat.

Yep...since I started in June I have never missed a run. I might have delayed a day, but I have made every run within 24 hours of my alert. I'm still going strong. Admittedly, I'm walking more than running these days because of a bashed up knee from an unfortunate encounter with the shower (no, I have not gotten any more graceful; yes, I will get it checked out if it doesn't get better).

The alarm is ugly, but I actually love running that early. It's cool, and I get to watch the sunrise. I also encounter all manner of critters, and the world is just quiet. It's my time to just breathe and soak it in. I refuse to let myself problem solve or plan. I just am...me and my running shoes...and I'm still in love.

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