Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fairy Failure finally happened. The Tooth Fairy missed Issa's tooth. We have heard it happens to everyone, and last night it was our turn.

Issa was with me at work yesterday, and for the first time she pulled her own tooth. I was talking to a colleague, and all of a sudden she blurted out my name. That is so not like her I spun around, only to see her standing there, bloody tooth in hand. Thank goodness I work with teachers who have the good sense to make quite a deal out of this.

Issa dutifully put the tooth in her box last night, but the Fairy never showed. There were tears this morning (from two of us). She decided the tooth must have slipped under the pillow in her box and the fairy just missed it. She plans to leave the box on her dresser tonight with a big sign and arrow. Thank goodness for creative children who identify the problem and pose solutions. I think we both might survive this fairy failure...but I have also heard the Fairy pays double if she's late.

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