Thursday, August 15, 2013

Big Sisters

We have finished three days of Issa's first company boot camp, and she is still in love. Tired--yes. Some achy feet--yes. But she is head over heels in love.

God has always been incredibly gracious to me in the big decision department. Every time I have agonized over a decisions--especially when it comes to the kids--He has given me peace and the knowledge it was the right one very quickly. Company has been no different.

This week, Issa was assigned not one but two big sisters. One is just slightly older, a girl who was a Tiny and vividly remembers how that works and feels. The other is a high school student who has truly become a big sister in three short days. I have watched her pull Issa into her lap during company meetings, knowing she was exhausted. Issa leans in and can rest for a minute. I have seen her draw my sometimes shy girl into company games. Last night, I watched her pull Issa's hair up into a bun for ballet, and I watched Issa's face shine. The highlight of boot camp yesterday: "My big sister did my hair and she only needed two bobby pins!"

All of the older girls have adopted the littles into their company family, and I am so, so grateful to watch Issa become a true part of it.

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