Thursday, August 29, 2013

We Have a Zebra

Evan finally got to start soccer this week. After a complete wash out last week, he was more than a little excited to try out his shin guards and big socks.

We are still in love with the rec program. They truly seem to understand they are still working with littles--aside from the choice to put Evan's team in white jerseys and socks. The first item on the practice agenda was to choose a team name. Evan is now officially a Zebra! It may not be the most ferocious animal, but it is fast and has white on it. I can see it.

Evan was most excited about being able to play soccer monster. After two seasons of learning how to pass and everyone playing with his own ball, they are now starting to introduce the idea of trying to get the ball. Soccer monster is the perfect game to teach the concept. All but one player has a ball that they have to keep moving. The player without the ball is the Soccer Monster, and he has to get a ball. (You get the idea.) Evan was careful to explain you have to keep your head up if you are not the monster so the monster can't sneak up on you. He was also very clear that in a game you can only be a monster to the other team; you don't take the ball from your teammate. Brilliant!

We'll see what the next practice brings, but for right now, we have a very happy Zebra.

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