Monday, March 9, 2015


This was another one of those blissful weekends. Friday night, Issa went to her first dance:
 As ridiculous as I find a third through fifth grade dance, Issa was so excited. She did announce, "If a slow song comes on, I am just going to do ballet or lyrical because I am not dancing with a boy!" There were no slow songs, and she had a great time for the first hour or so. After that, it apparently got a bit boring.

While she was dancing the night away, the boy and I headed out for cheese burgers:
He just keeps getting funnier and funnier. He wanted to sit on the same side of the booth, and I loved listening to his uninterrupted chatter.

Saturday, we were at the studio bright and early. Thankfully, Daddy took the red eye home and met us there. After two and a half hours of dance, Issa was starving, so Daddy decided to take us out for brunch. We were a little too excited to discover La Place does brunch now, and it was perfection. We spent the rest of the afternoon napping and just playing.

Yesterday, spring arrived, and it was such a welcome warmth. We had a picnic lunch in the front yard before we went to Marbles for the afternoon. The kids had a blast building and exploring, and we came home to soak up a little more spring. The kids played in our backyard, sailing as pirates on the hammock. We had the back door wide open, and I loved listening to them giggle as I made dinner. We ate on the patio, and finally called the kids in when we realized it was time for bath and bed. The time change is a killer, but the extra daylight is lovely.

I'm on break this week, which means a different pace to the work. I still have to go in tomorrow, but that is all. I think this is looking to be a fabulous week.

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