Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Growing Up

This week is Dr. Seuss week at school. We have worn red and blue for One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. We wore destination shirts for Oh The Place You'll Go!, and today we wore funky socks for Fox in Socks.

Tomorrow is Wacky Tacky Day. For Evan, this is every day that he chooses his own clothes. He is thrilled that I won't be asking, "Really?" tomorrow morning. It used to be Issa's favorite day, too. But this morning, she mentioned she might not do it. She's afraid her friends won't participate, and she doesn't want to be the only one. Last year, I did the be your own person speech, but this year I realized I had to take a different tone. We're growing up. I told her that she should do what she wants. I reminded her of my follow your own path speech, but this year I found myself adding that I knew that was easier said than done. We talked about how sometimes it's worth taking a path alone, and sometimes it's okay to join the group. The important thing is seeing that difference. It's a hard line.

She plans to talk with some friends today and see if they will all be wacky and tacky tomorrow, and I told her I was fine with whatever she chooses to do. And I truly am. But my heart broke a little. It seems like she is growing up so fast. The answers are getting more complicated. The conversations more difficult. I find myself praying for wisdom a little more fervently and speaking a bit more slowly. I am just so grateful that she's still open, and I am determined to stay open, too.

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