Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Office Mates

Well...I had some new office mates yesterday:
 They hauled in four blankets, four bags, and a whole lot of laughter. They spent the day playing in the cave, and I will be forever grateful that I work in a place where people just come in and laugh when they see it.

The highlight of the day was lunch in the dining hall, though:
 Issa had a salad, pasta, and peas.
Evan had cereal and peas.

Both kids finished with the perfect root beer float. Last year at summer camp, Miss Cece taught them the appropriate way to make and eat one, and that is now a must every time they eat in Belk. Miss Cece was so proud.

By some miracle, I was also super productive yesterday, so we are calling it a win all around!

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