Tuesday, March 3, 2015

The Under Belly of Snow Days

Well...we have made it to school two days in a row for the first time in over two weeks. Evan was not amused by this development. He seems to have forgotten what normal is.

And that is the under belly of snow days. As much as I love the beauty of the snow and making memories with the kids, I'm so over it right. A little whimsy is fun; a lot puts me very close to losing it.

Yesterday, I finally finished cleaning from the snow days. Here is the mean trick for moms on snow days: we are all home all the time. That means the children insist on being fed three times a day. And the first snow day you make a big breakfast because fun! Then it becomes a snow day thing and so your kitchen is wrecked by 7 am. Then lunch rolls around and you mess the whole thing up again, and then there is the afternoon hot cocoa or cookies that makes yet another kitchen mess that gets cleaned up just in time for dinner.

And the laundry. Playing in the snow requires many layers, all of which come in sopping wet and because we live in the South tinged with the blessed red clay. Play wash repeat play wash repeat. And then the cursed snowmen need clothes! And then they need a wardrobe change! I just washed the last of their laundry when their heads fell off yesterday.

So...I am officially declaring myself done with snow days. Period. Which is very sad because we are supposed to get more Thursday afternoon.

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