Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Magic Luck

Last week, Issa announced she just knew Buddy the Elf was friends with leprechauns...and the magic began...

Last night, she decided we needed to leave the leprechauns treats so they would be kind instead of ornery:
 Please note the boys got no credit. They were playing a game when we were preparing. Please also note that the thin mints were broken into pieces to make it easier for the little guys to eat.

Rest assured, the leprechauns came, and they brought Buddy along in his finest St. Patty's Day attire:
 I love that Buddy always reminds us to be brave and kind:
 And check out these special treats:
Pretzel rods with green chocolate, rock candy, and gold nestled in mint M&Ms. Delicious.

The best daddy in the world made the kids green pancakes for breakfast, and those treats worked because the leprechauns fixed Evan's fish pump. (It had nothing to do with anything Daddy did to it right before bed.)

I love these days when magic is expected and delivered and we all feel especially blessed:

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