Monday, March 2, 2015

Too Much Fun for One Weekend

First: school opened on time this morning. Thank you and Amen. May winter be over and may the return to normal be graceful.

A return to normal may be a little bit more difficult after our fabulous weekend, though. After being home with a week of snow days, we were all ready to get out. Mr. Ryan's birthday was the perfect excuse Friday night. Felicia has spent months planning a huge surprise weekend, and we were so glad to be included in the opening festivities at Defy Gravity, a local trampoline park. The kids had a ball. Issa discovered she is a dodge ball master:  
 And Evan could have spent the entire time running up this ramp, touching the wall, and then sliding back down:
 I must admit, I joined Evan, and it is pretty fun. We brought two exhausted jumpers home.

Saturday, we had hair appointments in the morning and then settled in at home. That much "out" after so much "in" was exhausting. The boys played Infinity and Issa and I crafted pretty much all afternoon. It was lovely. That night, we tucked the kids in bed and then had an impromptu game night with Ryan, Felicia, and his friend Bill who had flown in for the party. The house was a mess, but I truly didn't care. I love having friends who don't care, and I'm so grateful to finally be in a place where an impromptu phone call doesn't send me rushing to clean. We stayed up way too late and I regretted some decisions Sunday morning, but it was so fun I would do it all again in a heart beat.

Yesterday afternoon, we braved some very cold rain to go see the Harlem Globetrotters. Issa's dance company was the pre-game show:
I am so grateful Melanie brought a camera! Issa had a blast dancing in the big arena, and both kids loved the game. I remember seeing them when I was in elementary school, and not much has changed. Brad and I had more fun watching the kids than anything. Evan was truly belly laughing for half of the game, and both kids were relieved the Globetrotters pulled out a last minute win. This was one of those unexpected opportunities that dance provides that the kids will always remember.

And now...we're settling in for what I pray is a normal week!

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