Monday, March 23, 2015

We Danced the Day Away

Saturday, Issa had another dance competition. This time, she not only competed her solo but also her team dances. Bless their Tiny hearts:
 They were wide awake and ready to roll even though we had a 7:15 am call time--in Greensboro. My alarm went off at 4:30. The whole family was out the door by 6:05. Daddy did an awesome job as a prop dad, and Evan declared himself prop brother. We all couldn't have been more proud of Issa and her team:
Their tap won third, jazz second, and they received one of the two high overall awards. Issa danced her solo even better than the last time. This time, she didn't look at all nervous, and she kept that big stage presence the whole time--her goal. She won second over all, and our mantle is filling up!

Issa, my favorite bun head, please don't ever forget it's not about the score. Trophies are fabulous, but they are not everything. We are proud of you for being brave every time you take that stage and dance for yourself. The art is in the joy. Hold on to that with everything you have. Love, The Proudest Dance Mom on the Planet

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